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The Church Avenue Business Improvement District seeks to enhance the Church Avenue Commercial district for businesses, residents, and shoppers by making it cleaner and safer, promoting the neighborhood as a shopping destination, and providing development resources to Church Avenue merchants and property owners. ann_marie_shopping.jpg openingstore.jpg
  • A Marketing Resource Fair

    ​Your Business.Your Brand.

    How to Market to the 21st Century Customer

    You are a business owner, you care about your reputation, and want to reach to your ideal customers. How do you do it?  You become a custodian of your brand by marketing, promoting and actively communicating to your customers in different ways. ...read more

For Shoppers and Residents:

Thank you for visiting the Church Avenue BID's website, where those who live near or shop on Church Avenue can find out what is happening on Church Avenue.

Church Avenue offers an array of shops and stores as diverse as the community it serves. Use our business directory to find the store you are looking for.

Want to know what’s going on Church Avenue? See news and events for the latest newsletter and reports on upcoming and past events.

Figuring out how to get here

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For Merchants:

If you own or operate a business on Church Avenue, this website has a number of resources for you to use. 

If you are looking improve your business, check out our business development section, with links to upcoming workshops and other business development solutions.

Have some graffiti on your store? Is a garbage can missing from your corner?  Click here to find out how the Church Avenue BID can help.

Have a question or comment? Contact us.

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